New Year, What U Starting..?!


New moons, new seasons, new year and new Paradigms…  EVERYTHING energetically and cosmically is giving us constant opportunities to grab a hold of our lives the way we see fit to live them, and go for it!

The highs and the lows being a part of life but choosing in which direction being our right..  The coming few months being the fruition point to turn things around even more to our liking..

What is it again which you choose to take on in this life?  How do you want to kick start this new year into action to work for YOU, self-empowering into feeling great about who YOU are and what YOU want..   Thus if we fulfill ourselves from our hearts and with love, this surely is to run over into empowering others and allowing others to fill up themselves – a time for connection both inside and out.


I have my own to do list to complete over the next few days, yes, it’s a bit scary going into the unknown, not knowing if efforts seem futile but trusting in the process.  If it’s not done now, then when?!..

Love x

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  1. Eliza
    March 10, 2017

    Yup, that’ll do it. You have my appetciarion.


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